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Thursday, June 17, 2004

ELF claims arson responsibility,

fax claims they burned the lumber yard in West Jordan.
A day after this West Jordan lumberyard went up in flames KSL News Radio received a fax claiming to be from the Earth Liberation Front. It says ELF targeted the Stock Building Supply, because it ignored warnings to repair its forklifts, which the organization says, put out more pollutants than average diesel engines.

The arsonists appear to have no remorse. The release goes on to say, “If the consequences are what it takes to bring the company's negligence to the media and the people of the world, then it is well worth it and ELF will continue its mission, to stop large companies from destroying the environment.”
So according to these mental giants, this brand new lumber yard, probably not two years old was torched because their fork lifts were gross polluters! They didn't go after Mag Corp or any of the gross polluter opportunities here behind the Zion Curtain.
One recent study by the Public Interest Research Group found that among all states, Utah ranks fourth nationally in the release of chemicals that affect child development and learning. Tooele County ranked first in the nation among counties.

The No. 1 air polluter in all of North America — Magnesium Corp. of America (MagCorp) — is located on the western shore of the Great Salt Lake, upwind from 1.5 million people living along the Wasatch Front.
You know I have a name for people like these unwashed Earth First!ers, don't you? What's the name for people like this? Its DUMBASS!

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